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Meet the Crew: Jessica Polk

Sail Wild Hearts crewmate Jessica Polk is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but has lived on the Alabama Gulf Coast on and off for 10 years. Q: How long have you been a crewmate? A: This is my first season with Sail Wild Hearts. Q: How did you come to work aboard Wild Hearts? A. I met Captain Zack a few years back, and we realized we’d both lived very near each other in the Virgin Islands around the same time. However, we had never met. I left that next winter […]

Five Reasons Your Kids Will Love Orange Beach Sailing

The Sail Wild Hearts captain and crew have been putting the “fun” into dol-FUN cruises for years in Orange Beach. If your family hasn’t experienced this one-of-a-kind attraction on the Alabama Gulf Coast, it’s high time you boarded the boat to sail away for adventure. In case you needed one more reason to set sail, we’ve compiled five reason why your kids will love sailing the deep blue in Orange Beach.   New places. Explore places you can’t get to by land, including Robinson Island near Alabama Point. This white-sand […]

Set sail on a scuba and snorkeling adventure with the Sail Wild Hearts crew during your next Orange Beach vacation. Enjoy a five-hour trip filled with three of our favorite “s” activities: snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. The Perdido Key Scuba/Snorkeling Sail is the newest addition to the Wild Hearts itineraries. Board the 53-foot open-ocean catamaran 30 minutes prior to departure to settle in. Forget your snorkel gear? No problem. Complimentary snorkel gear is available for both children and adults. Upon advance request, certified scuba divers may rent scuba gear […]

Combine Beach Events with Orange Beach Sailing

When you aren’t listening to beach tunes while the breeze brushes through your hair on a sail with Captain Zach and crew, how are you spending your time in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? There are plenty of ways to incorporate both a dolphin cruise and local events into your beach vacation. Check out these upcoming festivities to put the wind in your sails for a complete vacation experience. After a day aboard Wild Hearts for the Guided Fish & Snorkel Adventure, stop by The Wharf to watch the big […]

Ahoy, Matey! Discover the Meaning behind Nautical Phrases

For thousands of years, sailors have taken to the water for food, discovery and recreation. Did you know their lives on the water gave birth to some well-known phrases? See how many you can use during your next sail aboard Wild Hearts. Loose cannon: We bet you know a few people who you’d deem as “loose cannons,” but did you know the term comes from when a ship’s cannon would literally come loose from its lashing? A square meal: It doesn’t mean you have all the food groups and serving […]

Plan the All-American Summer in Orange Beach

White-sand beaches, ice cream and ghost sand crabbing. What do they have in common? They are all part of a traditional beach vacation in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Every summer, families make the annual trek to play in the sun, sand and surf. But besides those things, what else makes up the all-American summer in Orange Beach? We’ve listed a few ideas to help you plan your summer vacation. Dolphin cruise Lunch at LuLu’s Kayaking around Robinson Island and Bird Island Deep-sea fishing People-watching at the Gulf State Park […]

Dolphin Cruise Makes Great Edu-tainment

Summer is meant for relaxing and having a good time, but just because school’s out doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Our Wild Hearts cruises and adventures are packed with exciting outings paired with fun facts and educational experiences. Our captain knows the area and water well, so it’s no surprise when he shares facts about landmarks that only a seafarer would know. Aboard the Dolphins and Blue Angels Sail, you’ll learn about the famous high-flying jets that perform spectacular aerial drills overhead. Our catamaran drops anchor in front […]

Say “I Do” to an Orange Beach Sailboat Wedding

Wedding planning is an exciting time in a bride’s life, as she enjoys spending months creating the couple’s perfect, magical day. It’s safe to say most brides spend days touring and evaluating brick-and-mortar venues for the ceremony and reception. The Gulf of Mexico is a unique wedding-venue gem that often goes without consideration, but what’s more magical than getting married in the middle of endless sparkling blue water? A wedding ceremony on Wild Hearts in the gulf is a relaxing and intimate time for the wedding party and guests. You’ll […]

  Are you considering a girlfriend getaway to Alabama’s white-sand beaches? It’s not complete without sailing into the sunset with our crew. Desiree Miller of Stress-Free, Baby recently did just that with three fellow blogger friends. She chronicled her experiences in a recent blog and tells us all how to discover a whole different state of mind in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Read her blog for all the details and find a few things to add to your girl’s getaway bucket list. Alabama Beaches: A Whole Different State (of […]

What the Helm? Learn our Sailboat Parts

If it’s your first time on a sailboat, we want to make sure you know what you’re getting into! When you hop aboard our 54-foot catamaran, our captain can get you up to speed on how the boat works, but below are some terms to help you out. Mast – A pole that rises vertically from the deck of a boat and supports sails. Our mast rises 72 feet in the air. Mainsail – The mainsail on the mast drives the sailboat windward (toward the wind). Ours features our Wild […]