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What the Helm? Learn our Sailboat Parts

If it’s your first time on a sailboat, we want to make sure you know what you’re getting into! When you hop aboard our 54-foot catamaran, our captain can get you up to speed on how the boat works, but below are some terms to help you out. Mast – A pole that rises vertically from the deck of a boat and supports sails. Our mast rises 72 feet in the air. Mainsail – The mainsail on the mast drives the sailboat windward (toward the wind). Ours features our Wild […]

Why Teams Love a Corporate Charter Aboard Wild Hearts

It can be tough for company managers to find a team-building activity for their employees that everyone wants to take part in. A team-building event should be fun, but should also require everyone to work together. After all, the goal is to strengthen the team! Getting a sailboat prepped and out to sea is a group effort, and that’s why many enjoy booking our corporate charter. Our 53-foot catamaran gives plenty of room for up to 49 passengers to join in! This sail can depart from Orange Beach, Perdido Key […]

Three Reasons Dad Wants to Sail Wild Hearts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day gifts can be difficult to pick out. After all, doesn’t Dad have everything he could need? Maybe, but here are three reasons Dad would want to hop aboard Wild Hearts for some much-needed R&R. It’s not his boat. Preparation to go out to sea can be a hassle. Getting the boat fully ready to hit the water can take hours, and then you need to transfer the boat, dock and undock. Dad deserves a chance to simply hop on board, sit back, and let someone else do all […]

On Mother’s Day, a nice dinner, a movie or sparkling jewelry are standard go-to gifts. But what does Mom really deserve for Mother’s Day? A day on a sailboat. After her hard work year-round, a day full of relaxation is just what she needs! Aboard Wild Hearts, skimming across the bright blue gulf water with the sea breeze at her face and warm sun basking down can help even the most stressed mothers recharge. With plenty of fun activities available to keep everyone busy, the Kayak Adventure Snorkel Sail is a […]

Set Sail and Say “I Do”

Couples recently engaged sometimes find it difficult to decide on the perfect location to tie the knot. But we have a solution: For an intimate and memorable wedding friends and family will be raving about, check out Wild Heart’s wedding packages. Exchanging vows in the middle of the shimmering gulf with a sea breeze at your face is a romantic experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. You bring the guests, and we’ll take care of the rest! We know planning a wedding can be stressful and time […]

Beach Eats and a Sunset Cruise

  Are you itching for summer fun and some fresh local seafood? Head on out to Gulf Shores April 16 for the Zydeco and Crawfish Festival. Start your Saturday off with the Zydeco and Crawfish Festival 5K or 1-mile run beginning at Waterway Village next to Tacky Jacks. Then rejuvenate with the festival’s jam-packed summer essentials like crawfish, cool tunes from zydeco bands, arts and crafts vendors, and even an 80-foot shrimp boat on display. After a day full of entertainment, wind down with the Wild Hearts Sunset Cruise. Our […]

Three Reasons to Book a Private Sailboat Charter

Wild Hearts has a large variety of family cruises, but we also provide private charters and corporate sails. Make your next corporate event a lot brighter by sailing away on our 53-foot, open-ocean catamaran. Why book a private sailboat charter? Get everyone’s attention. With a family reunion or corporate event, the same routine meeting place can get dull. Spice things up and hop aboard our sailboat! The calm gulf water and cool sea breeze make for a relaxing and rejuvenating environment to reconnect with family or show employee recognition. 2. […]

Kick Off Summer with a Memorial Day Sailing Adventure

Memorial Day falls on May 30, and it will be here before you know it! It’s a time to hold family close and remember military members we’ve lost. Many head to the beach to enjoy the start of summer and create lasting memories throughout the holiday weekend. Why head to the beach? Why not! You’ve been working hard and the kids have been cooped up in the classroom.  The beach is the perfect remedy for overwork, stress and lack of activity, no matter what age. However, instead of “just” a […]

Why an Orange Beach Sunset Cruise is the Perfect Vacation Activity

If you’re looking for an escape, the sunset cruise can assist. On your next vacation, consider ending your trip on a peaceful sail against an orange glowing sky, soaking in the last bit of relaxation time before heading back to reality. The Sunset Cruise departs everyday about an hour before sunset. As visitors head to dinner or home, you can steer clear of the hustle and bustle and get in one more memorable experience with you family. After a long day in the heat and sun, the cooler evening temperatures are […]

What Makes a Wild Hearts Cruise Different

When you sail Wild Hearts, you’re not just on another trip. Whether you sail with family, friends or colleagues, you’re in for a unique adventure different from any other trip you’ve embarked on. There’s room to spare – You’re not riding on a bus, or even an ordinary boat, you’re on the Wild Hearts sailboat. Our 53-foot catamaran gives you plenty of space to stretch out, get comfortable and take in the salty breeze. Roam around and watch the dolphins play, or just kickback and enjoy the ride. You can […]